Experts & partners


Horticonsult Global Partners is a spider in a network of technical, business and scientific experts. After an intake interview with a commissioner or commissioning organization, Horticonsult puts together a team that exactly fitts the needs of the project, neither more nor less. It will always be clear to the commisionning organization what expert works on what part of the assignment.

Because Horticonsult’s specialists are on a temporary pay-roll only, expenses for the commissioning organization are as low as possible.

Selection criteria of experts for a specific project are mainly based on experience in a specific field but also in a specific country or region. Horticonsult will always act as project manager and adds its own skills and knowledge to the project.


Horticonsult works with experts of the following disciplines:

  • Scientists of all agricultural (related) disciplines
  • Business administration experts
  • Financial experts
  • Trade experts
  • Production experts
  • Post harvest experts
  • Logistics experts
  • Agricultural Economics consultants
  • Experts on sustainable agriculture and horticulture
  • Certification experts
  • Market place experts

Commissioning partners

Horticonsult’s partners that request assistance are (amongst others):

  • (Inter)national development organizations
  • Governments, often ministries of Agriculture
  • Organizations of local producers
  • (Inter)national trade organizations
  • Promotion organizations
  • Development and/or Agricultural Banks
  • Individual private companies
  • Marketing& Trade organizations