Dutch flowerauction FloraHolland today withdraw its credit for all purchases of Florimex. In practice this means that Florimex cannot trade anymore and will most likely go into bankruptcy very soon. Previous situations with others traders always ended in bankruptcies within one or two days.

Investor Bencis is in the process of selling Florimex in pieces in order to save its investment in this trader in ornamental products. This is reported by the Dutch newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad (FD) and the Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij.  Florimex is a holding with exporters of flowers and plants, including Baardse, Sierafor, Starkenburg and Greens and locations in Portugal, Spain and Ecuador. Their turnover is approximately € 220 mln.

According to the FD Florimex will be discontinued and is already selling its daughter companies. Greens has already been stopped. There are already rumours about a bankruptcy of Florimex, which is damaging the company, says director Atze Bosma in the FD. “Because of these rumours, suppliers want more secure payment requirements”, he says.

Florimex suffered a number of misfortunes in the past months. Two weeks ago the company lost an important client, which went to the DFG. The company has a conflict with 25 workers, which they have laid off and in the end of last year part of the roof of Sierafor collapsed.

Since 2005 Bencis is the main shareholder of Florimex. Because of strategic reasons it does not want to invest in Florimex anymore.

Source: vakblad Bloemisterij, Financieele Dagblad