The results of sales of flowers and plants in February at the Dutch auction FloraHolland were very good. The turnover of flowers and plants went up by 15% compared to the same month last year; the volume was 2.6% more. The average price was €0.374, which is 4 cent higher than in February 2012.

Last year sales for Valentine’s Day were disappointing which was caused by the winter weather. But this year the weather was fine, which was good for the trade. Valentine’s Day is getting more important for consumers in Eastern Europe. As a result the flower sales for this day went up.

The average price of roses was 4 cent higher in February and the number of sold stems increased by 2%. Prices for chrysanthemum were also much higher: +8 cent/stem for spray and +8.6 cent for disbudded sorts.

Most consumers think of flowers when buying a Valentine’s Day present, but also pot plants were doing well for this special day. Prices for Phalaenopsis for example increased by 3,5 cent to €4.28, compared to February last year. Prices of pot roses, bromeliad, and anthurium were also higher.

Source: Hortibiz