PRO ECUADOR, the formal trade and investment promotion organization of the Republic of Ecuador, is targeting a 31 per cent increase of its non-oil exports to further bolster its exports of flowers, banana and processed food to the UAE.

The total value of Ecuador’s non-oil exports to the UAE as of the third quarter of 2013 has reached US$3.65 Million. In 2012, Ecuador’s non-oil exports to the UAE expanded by 11 per cent as its value increased from US$4.4 Million in 2011 to US$4.91 Million.

In 2013, three quarters worth of Ecuadorian flower exports to the UAE have increased by 86 per cent, as its value rose from US$390.14 thousands to US$726.51 thousands in 2012. Meanwhile, exports of banana has increased by 59 per cent from US$589.98 thousands to US$940.94 thousands.

“The UAE is one of the key destinations in the Middle East for Ecuadorian products,” said Hussam Hassan, Head of the Ecuadorian Trade Office in Dubai. “We are aiming to further increase our exports of traditional products to the country as it has generated major revenues for Ecuador.

“At the same time, seeing strong potential of expanding trade activities for some of our products, our focus for next year would also be on flowers, coffee, chocolates, traditional and non-traditional fruits, vegetables, seafood and wood”.

Furthermore, PRO ECUADOR has also entered into a strategic partnership with Dubai Exports and Dubai FDI, the export promotion agency and the foreign investment office of Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) respectively, to further promote exports and investments between the two economies.

The trade office has also organized its first trade forum in Dubai named ‘Connecting with Ecuador’, attended by more than 150 people from the business sector and government departments in the UAE.

Source: Zawya